Our Farmers

The farmers that provide our crawfish are the backbone of our operation.  Our farmers consist of family members, uncles, cousins, and close friends.  We have three separate farms that we normally source from:  two in the Rayne/Crowley area, and one in the Midland, LA area.  Put together, they typically farm ~2000 acres of dedicated crawfish ponds, averaging over a million pounds of crawfish per year.


These guys are all-stars.  They're the kind of guys who recongize that Saturdays and Sundays are just regular days of the work week, who stay out on the tractor until midnight simply because the work needs to be done, who don't need an alarm to get up at 4:30 am because their bodies are just used to it.  These guys live for their families, their connection to the land runs deep within their bones, and they won't do anything unless they do it the right way.  Simply put, our farmers are the best at what they do.


In the crawfish industry, unfortunately, the smaller farmers tend to get taken advantage of the most.  They sacrifice as much as anyone else and work as hard as anyone else, but yet they too often fall victim to a system driven by greed and profits, and the result is that their livelihood takes a back seat and becomes second priority.  Not at Alleman Crawfish.  These guys are family, taking care of them is just the right thing to do.


Although we seek to be competitive, we realize that sometimes we won't be the lowest price.  We prioritize doing things the right way over making a buck, and that includes focusing on our farmers just as much as we focus on our customers.  We're looking for restaurants interested in similar priorities.  The beauty of crawfish is that it always brings people together.  We understand that business is business, but at Alleman Crawfish, crawfish will always primarily be about bringing people together.